The YouthSecret Pillowcase's Patented Dual-Layer Material

The YouthSecret Pillowcase is based on HoverSlip, a patented dual-layer material that gives the YouthSecret Pillowcase its benefits for your hair and skin. 

HoverSlip has 1/5th the friction (less hair frizz, hair breakage, and facial creases), 1/30th the wicking (keep your hair’s natural oils!), and 5-20x the breathability (long-lasting cool feel) of other competitors according to scientific studies and data (see details on studies and results/data in our Science page).

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HoverSlip is the patented secret of the YouthSecret!

HoverSlip Properties - Low Friction, Low Wicking, High Breathability

The patented dual-layer HoverSlip material has less friction, wicking, and higher breathability than any other competitor by a large margin. This creates benefits for your hair and skin.

Our studies show that people who sleep on the YouthSecret Pillowcase report significantly less hair frizz in the morning and less hairs on their pillowcase from breakage. To read detailed information about the science behind HoverSlip, including results of scientific tests comparing HoverSlip to competitors (luxury silk, cotton, etc), click the button below to travel to our Science page.

HoverSlip Technology: Patented and Doctor/Engineer Developed

HoverSlip is a dual-layer material with a proprietary blend of fabrics. Out of hundreds of combinations of fabrics that we tested, we chose the best performing result. We keep the exact blend a secret, but regardless of whether it were discovered, we are still the only company that can sell multi-layer pillowcases. We have strong IP strategy informed by decades of patenting consumer and medical devices.
The HoverSlip material has an advantage that silk, cotton, and satin can never have. In addition to having low-friction in the x and y planes, it’s also low-friction in the z-plane. When you press your face into a regular (or luxury silk) pillowcase, the increase in local surface area creates shear/dragging on your face. HoverSlip can stretch and is dual-layer, and therefore can take advantage of its low-friction properties while it stretches as well as when you move your face up and down.
HoverSlip is low-friction, but does not feel slippery. It also feels cool for long periods of time  due to its high breathability.

14 Night Challenge

To see the effects of the YouthSecret pillowcase, try our 14 night challenge, based on the study we conducted to measure the effects of HoverSlip on your hair.

Sleep on the YouthSecret for 7 nights. Then, sleep on the other side (cotton) for the next 7.

Every night, count the hairs on your pillowcase and make note of the level of frizziness of your hair.

Participants in our study noticed a significant difference, and we’re hoping you’ll see a great improvement in your hair’s frizziness as well.